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Approved GE Supplier
KUMA High Performance Brake Pads are a regular supplier in our wind farms and we are very satisfied by the quality and performance of their products.
Guillaume Huet, ing., P. Eng Operation Manager, CARTIER Wind Energy

Tested by LINK Engineering, Detroit

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Tests done by LINK Engineering on high energy dynamometer in Detroit, in cooperation with a leading OEM Brake Systems Supplier, shown our products fully met all OEM requirements.
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Emergency Brake Test performed at Technische Universität Berlin on KUMA Sintered Brake Pads. View video.
Under high temperature condition during emergency braking, it was found that the B.B.Group KUMA brake had a 12% dynamic friction factor change while other brake pads gave dynamic friction twice that value. This means the brake load on the rotor disc is subjected to braking loads less than existing brake pad during emergency braking.
Yvon Desjardins, P. Eng., PhD Electrohydraulic Servos
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Developped by National Research Council Engineers

Our sintered friction lining were designed specifically for wind turbines, with OEM material formulations in mind. Developed by engineering experts from the Canadian National Research Council specialized in metal powder applications, they are meeting the highest durability and performance standards in the industry.
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