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Mobilise all resources, in an efficient and durable manner, to achieve customer satisfaction.

Implementing a quality management system represents for us a way to organise and optimise our production process to match our customer’s needs and expectations. B.B high performance brake pads puts the customer first by developing a quality policy based on:

• Product conformity;
• Respect of deadlines;
• Costs mastery and optimization;
• Continuous improvement and performance.

Our quality engagement

• Respond to customer’s requests and permanently improve their satisfaction;
• Measure with indicators the objectives set annually as part of our quality policy deployment.
• Communicate and share our quality policy to all our collaborators for an effective application;
• Analyse our practices to increase performance.
Continuous improvement is a shared objective. The requirements of profitability, maintenance and skills development, respecting people and our environment are our everyday concern.
These are the reasons why B.B high performance brake pads has engaged in a ISO 9001: 2015 conform quality management approach, in accordance with its strategic direction, an essential for its development and sustainability.
As the president and managing director, I am personally committed to implement all the necessary means to promote and develop a culture of quality, regularly evaluate the effectiveness of our quality management system in relation to the set objectives, contribute to its permanent improvement. I expect each employee to participate fully in this project to build together a successful, sustainable, and profitable business.
Christian Babin